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UAHR emphasises need to ensure protection of digital human rights

UAHR emphasises need to ensure protection of digital human rights
5 Apr 2024 14:56


The Union Association for Human Rights (UAHR) has commended the efforts of countries that are utilising artificial intelligence (AI) solutions to improve human rights protection, highlighting the experience of the UAE, which has one of the region's best models.

This came in a statement issued by the UAHR, in cooperation with the Arab-European Forum for Dialogue and Human Rights, during the General Debate of the Agenda Item 8 of the 55th High-Level Session of the UN Human Rights Council, as part of the association's participation in the session being held in Geneva.

Dr. Fatima Khalifa Al Kaabi, President of the UAHR, delivered the statement, in which she emphasised the need for the Council to ensure the protection of digital human rights, especially with regard to protecting personal data and preventing all forms of illegal use or exploitation of personal information, and addressing all violations resulting from the use of modern technology and AI.

Dr. Al Kaabi lauded the efforts of the UN Human Rights Council in following up and implementing the Vienna Declaration and Programme of Action, highlighting the importance of the contributions that the Declaration has helped make over the past three decades to achieve its main objectives and meet the basic needs of present and future generations.

The UAHR President underscored the significance of continuing efforts to strengthen international solidarity to follow up and implement the Declaration, noting that the results of monitoring and evaluating the progress made on the Declaration showed that the outputs were below expectations. She added that one of the main challenges that limited the progress in implementing the Declaration is its lack of flexibility in terms of adapting to changes in the field of human rights and identifying the developments required to react and improve human rights protection in the world.

The Union Association for Human Rights, established in the UAE in January 2024, is participating in the 55th High-Level Session of the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva.

This participation aims to bolster the UAHR's regional and global status and contributions and to strengthen the partnerships of the UAE civil society with various international entities concerned with human rights.

Source: WAM
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