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Traditional furniture: Cherished possessions of Emirati households

Traditional furniture: Cherished possessions of Emirati households
5 Apr 2024 10:06


Steeped in history, culture, and identity, traditional furniture holds a cherished place within Emirati households. With their minimalist designs, the meticulously crafted pieces serve as a testament to a rich heritage.


At the heart of traditional homes lies the Mandoos, a box that is used to store clothes and valuable family items. Crafted with precision and adorned with intricate carvings, the Mandoos is primarily made from select woods such as teak, ebony, or pine.


Adjacent to the Mandoos lies Sahharah a metal-clad box adorned with vibrant motifs and elegant engravings. It was used in the old days to store clothes and household items.


Mawasid are cushions crafted from sumptuous fabrics and filled with soft cotton. These cushions, with their rich textures and ornate embellishments infusing warmth and character into seating arrangements and sleeping quarters alike.

Al Haseer

Al Haseer is a sprawling mat woven from palm leaves that graces the floors of traditional dwellings. Beyond its utilitarian function of floor covering, Al Haseer serves as a canvas for cultural expression, its earthy tones and intricate weave reflects the natural beauty and resourcefulness inherent in traditional craftsmanship.


A grand rug, Semma, is made of palm wicker, and symbolises hospitality and welcome in traditional Arab households. Semma exemplifies the essence of communal living and shared heritage.

Invaluable Heritage

Khamees Mohammed, an Emirati senior citizen, said that traditional furniture is “a living legacy that connects us to our roots, our identity, and our collective memory”.

“As custodians of this invaluable heritage, it’s our duty to preserve, and pass on this rich tradition to future generations, ensuring that its legacy endures for centuries to come,” he added.

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