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Abu Dhabi’s parks ready for Eid Al Fitr visitors

Abu Dhabi’s parks ready for Eid Al Fitr visitors
5 Apr 2024 09:58


The Abu Dhabi City Municipality (ADM) confirmed that all parks and recreational areas in the city and its outskirts are prepared to receive Eid Al Fitr visitors.

Since the municipality expects a large turnout during the holiday, its Parks and Recreation Facilities Division conducted routine maintenance work and assured the cleanliness, security, and safety of all park facilities. Emergency teams will be on hand to ensure the safety of park visitors.

ADM invited the public to enjoy the holiday while preserving the parks and requested that visitors adhere to posted rules and regulations to preserve safety for all.

Abu Dhabi’s public parks provide multiple entertainment options for children. Most parks include volleyball and basketball courts, multi-purpose sports fields, as well as children’s play areas. Many parks also include a walking track.

ADM has enhanced the efficiency of park maintenance, covering lighting, recreational areas, fountains, and irrigation to ensure that all facilities are renovated and maintained according to best practices. The parks draw hobbyists and visitors who enjoy the facilities throughout the year, especially during the winter season.

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