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UAE's national carriers rise to 603 global destinations by end of Q1 2024

UAE's national carriers soar to 603 global destinations by Q1 2024's end
2 Apr 2024 15:24


The UAE's national carriers have witnessed significant growth in their destination network.

By the end of the first quarter of 2024, they reached approximately 603 destinations worldwide, compared to 586 at the close of 2023.

The three percent increase reflects the rebounding aviation sector and caters to the rising demand for travel.

The UAE's position as a preferred global destination for tourism and business is further strengthened by this expansion.

According to official data from national carriers, these carriers have consistently outperformed many of their regional and global counterparts.

National carriers excelled not only in the number of destinations offered but also in terms of operational performance and the quality of services provided to travelers.

This success stems from their broad base of experience and proven ability to transform challenges into opportunities.

With this track record, they are well-positioned for continued growth, contributing to the overall revival of the UAE's aviation sector.

Emirates Airlines currently leads the pack with 143 destinations, and Flydubai follows closely with 129, while Air Arabia boasts an impressive network of 215 destinations.

  • UAE's national carriers rise to 603 global destinations by end of Q1 2024

Etihad Airways offers service to 76 destinations, with Air Arabia Abu Dhabi reaching 29 and Wizz Air Abu Dhabi serving approximately 40 destinations.

These airlines operate from strategically located operational centres across the UAE, Morocco, Egypt, Armenia, and Pakistan.

Etihad Airways
Etihad Airways achieved significant growth, reaching approximately 76 destinations by the end of the first quarter of 2024.

They have set ambitious goals, aiming to expand to more than 125 destinations by 2030. This growth capitalises on their strategic location connecting Asia and Europe.

Furthermore, Etihad aims to increase the number of passengers they serve to over 33 million annually.

Building on a successful 2023 with 15 new destinations launched (including Lisbon, Copenhagen, Kolkata, and Osaka), Etihad expects to add 5 to 6 new destinations in 2024.

They recently announced regular flights to Boston, adding to their existing U.S. routes serving Chicago, New York, and Washington.

Starting from June 15, Etihad will further expand its network with seasonal and frequency increases:
- Three seasonal weekly flights to Antalya, Turkey
- Threeadditional weekly flights each to Thiruvananthapuram (India) and Amman (Jordan)
- Four weekly flights to Jaipur (India) starting June 16th

Etihad is also strengthening its presence in key destinations:
-Cairo (Egypt): Three additional flights, bringing the total to 24 weekly
-Karachi (Pakistan): Three additional flights, totaling 17 weekly
-Colombo (Sri Lanka): Three additional flights, totaling 20 weekly

Emirates Airlines
Emirates Airlines boasts a massive network spanning 143 destinations across six continents, including 134 passenger destinations and nine cargo destinations.

They are continuously working to provide greater seating capacity to meet the growing demand for travel and offer flexibility and options for travelers connecting through Dubai to various destinations worldwide.

Emirates has recently enhanced its services:
-Increased service to Seoul with three additional weekly flights starting in February 2024
-Introduced Premium Economy Class to São Paulo (Brazil) in November 2023 and to Tokyo (Japan) in December 2023
-Further extending its reach in South America, Emirates will launch a daily service from Dubai to Bogotá, Colombia, starting June 3. This new route will become their fourth gateway in South America, joining São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, and Buenos Aires. In total, Emirates operates in 19 destinations across the Americas (US, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, and Colombia).

  • UAE's national carriers rise to 603 global destinations by end of Q1 2024

Air Arabia
The Air Arabia Group has a wide network connecting approximately 215 destinations from strategic operational centres in the UAE (Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Ras Al Khaimah), including 115 destinations, as well as 74 destinations from its operational centres in Morocco, 20 destinations in Egypt, and six destinations in Pakistan.

Air Arabia will launch direct flights from Sharjah to Krakow in Poland starting from June 29, 2024, connecting Sharjah International Airport and John Paul II International Airport daily.

The carrier will also resume flights between Sharjah and Jazan in Saudi Arabia, connecting Sharjah International Airport and King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz International Airport with three weekly flights starting from June 4.

  • UAE's national carriers rise to 603 global destinations by end of Q1 2024

Air Arabia Abu Dhabi
Air Arabia Abu Dhabi continues to enhance Abu Dhabi's connectivity with the world, offering direct flights to 29 destinations.

It continues its expansion plans and commitment to meeting customer needs by expanding its global network to provide broader travel options supported by added value to contribute to the growth of the travel and tourism sector in the UAE.

Wizz Air Abu Dhabi
"Wizz Air Abu Dhabi" has expanded its destination network to 40 destinations by the end of the first quarter of this year, continuing to expand its operations to meet increasing demand levels by enhancing its modern and sustainable fleet, reinforcing the company's ambitious plans to launch flights to new destinations.


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