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TRENDS Research and Advisory, Brazil Africa Institute forge research alliance

TRENDS Research and Advisory, Brazil Africa Institute forge research alliance
2 Apr 2024 10:49


TRENDS Research and Advisory and the Brazil Africa Institute have inked an agreement of cooperation to pave the way for new horizons in strategic studies and research in areas of shared interest.

The agreement was signed by Dr. Mohammed Abdullah Al-Ali, CEO of TRENDS, and Dr. João Bosco Monte, President of the Brazil Africa Institute, in the presence of Sidney Leon Romeiro, Ambassador of Brazil to the UAE.

The agreement, signed at TRENDS headquarters in Abu Dhabi, encompasses collaborative research and studies on critical issues, including food security, climate change, migration, and cybersecurity. It also entails facilitating joint events such as conferences, seminars, and workshops, fostering the interchange of expertise and researchers between the two entities, and culminating in the publication of collaborative research and studies in esteemed peer-reviewed scientific journals.

Dr. Al-Ali said the agreement marks a major stride in fortifying global research partnerships for TRENDS, enabling the exchange of experiences and insights on various issues of common interest, particularly the burgeoning focus on the African continent, which have garnered substantial global attention.

Professor Monte indicated that the agreement heralds new vistas of collaboration between TRENDS Research and Advisory and the Brazil Africa Institute, particularly in strategic studies pertaining to Latin America-Africa relations.

TRENDS' Global Dialogue initiative

On the sidelines of the signing event, a dialogue unfolded as part of the TRENDS' Global Dialogue initiative. Notably, the Brazilian Ambassador and the President of the Brazil Africa Institute discussed the pivotal role of scientific research in international relations.

They highlighted how cooperation between Brazil and African nations serves as a cornerstone for fostering stronger South-South partnerships in line with their country's overarching strategic goals.

The Brazil Africa Institute, founded in 2013 as a non-profit organisation with its headquarters in Fortaleza, Brazil, and an operational office in Accra, Ghana, is dedicated to fostering collaboration between Brazil and Africa across a spectrum of sectors, ranging from South-South and Triangular Cooperation to agriculture, rural development, technical training, youth empowerment, and other topics.

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