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UAE weather forecast for April: Increase in temperature, foggy conditions

UAE weather forecast for April: Increase in temperature, foggy conditions
2 Apr 2024 02:27


The month of April in the UAE is considered one of the months of the first transition period (spring), characterised by rapid change and variation of atmospheric pressure, thus leading to rapid changes of weather conditions.   

The apparent movement of sun continues to move north towards the cancer orbit ,where daytime gradually increases in the northern hemisphere  and air temperature increases gradually over most parts of the country while mean air temperatures increase by 3-5°C during this month compared to March.
During this month the effect of Siberian high pressure weakens, while the region is affected by the passage of extensions of low pressure in the upper, and surface from west to east, such as a extension of low pressure of the Red Sea trough or trough from the east, and if these depressions deepen, the amount of clouds increases on some areas with the chances of rainfall.

The humidity decreases slightly during this month in comparison to March, especially during the second half of the month with chances of fog/mist formation during the first half of the month over scattered parts of the country while the frequency of fog/mist decrease during second half of April.

Climatic Statistics:

Air temperature:

- Mean air temperature ranging between 25 and 29°C.
- Mean maximum air temperature ranges between 32 and 36°C
- Mean minimum air temperature ranges between 20 and 23°C.
- Highest maximum temperature reached 46.9°C at AlRuwais  in 2012
- Lowest minimum air temperature fell to 5°C at Jebel Jais in 2013.


- Mean wind speed is 13 kmph.
- The highest winds of 121.3 (kmph) at Jebel Hafeet in 2013
- Highest wind gust of 137kmph at Al Ain Airport in 2003

Relative Humidity: 

- Mean relative humidity of 43% 
- Mean maximum relative humidity ranging between 62% to 82%.
- Mean minimum relative humidity ranging between 17% to 28%.


In 2015, March showed the highest frequency of fog with 11 days of fog and four misty days.


The highest amount of rain recorded during this month was 247.4 mm in Wadi Shahah in 2019

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