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MoHAP enhances user experience through survey

MoHAP enhances user experience through survey
1 Apr 2024 09:14


The Ministry of Health and Prevention (MoHAP) announced its commitment to enhancing user experience (UX) by conducting a comprehensive survey in the UX Lab during the first quarter of 2024. The primary goal of this initiative is to improve service accessibility and provide digital solutions that align with user requirements and aspirations.

The Ministry places significant emphasis on understanding user needs and ensuring optimal ease of access and usability. As part of its efforts to enhance users satisfaction, the Ministry actively seeks public opinions and suggestions. The UX Lab focuses on employing cutting-edge artificial intelligence technologies to analyse user behaviour.

This innovative tool plays a crucial role in the Ministry’s strategy to develop services within the framework of the UAE government’s digital transformation plan (2021-2025). During the first quarter, the UX Lab will assess user impressions across seven digital services and platforms.

These include considerations related to accessibility, digital services for people of determination, private healthcare facilities, pharmacies, the smart chatbot (Lubaba), the MoHAP’s website, its smart application, digital platforms related to the National Strategy for Nursing and Midwifery and the National Centre for Health Research.

Additionally, the UX Lab will evaluate the service for dispensing controlled prescriptions. Experienced researchers within the UX Lab analyse user experience sessions. From general observations to eye-tracking data, every detail contributes to improving the overall user experience. The results will be shared with relevant service-providing departments to enhance the customer journey across various digital platforms.

The UX Lab aligns its design protocols with existing cultural and behavioural patterns of users. By collecting direct feedback and actionable data, the Ministry aims to enhance digital presence, ease of navigation, and overall usability.

The analysis of the data leads to the issuance of analytical reports that meet the standards and guidelines set by the Telecommunications and Digital Government Regulatory Authority (TDRA) and the Cabinet.

These reports facilitate service improvements, streamline processes, and measure user interaction. The Ministry actively engages with the public through customer advisory boards (CAB). These meetings allow users to express their satisfaction, share ideas, and propose improvements related to medical licences.

The six services under discussion include physician licensing and renewal, licensing of visiting physicians from outside the country, licensing of visiting physicians from within the country, licensing of pharmacy practice, licensing for nurses and medical technicians, and licensing of pharmaceutical institutions.

The MoHAP has set four main objectives for the CAB meetings in the first quarter, which are: knowing the current challenges they face when using the services, proposing appropriate solutions within service development projects, engaging users in expressing their opinions and advice regarding the future vision of the service, in addition to developing service operations smoothly.

The Ministry revealed an innovative approach to evaluating user experience across its services. Starting with an integrated mechanism that looks at a presentation of the user experience related to the service, then discussing the preferred channels for service delivery, as well as the ease of completing the service, data is then used to plan for future enhancements.

The MoHAP emphasised the importance of aligning current service operations with proactive strategies. Users’ insights and recommendations are documented in an insight inventory. Additionally, service officials’ proposals for development are studied.

Furthermore, the collaborative service design project emphasises incorporating user-generated ideas into the service’s vision, directly influencing future enhancements. With any upgrade or enhancement, user satisfaction and reactions will be considered.

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