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World Bank Group President calls for empowering women, youth at WGS

(Photo by RYAN LIM / AFP)
12 Feb 2024 20:33


In a compelling session titled "Delivering Impactful Development Results" at the World Governments Summit (WGS), His Excellency Ajay Banga, President of the World Bank Group, underscored the pivotal role of the World Bank in fostering global economic development.

During his speech, Banga conveyed a resolute commitment to enhancing the institution, likening the process to "fixing the plumbing" to ensure the World Bank is well-equipped for the next three to four decades. 

With the bank celebrating its 80th anniversary, he highlighted the wealth of knowledge and experience held by individuals within the organisation who have not only accumulated expertise but have also lived and worked in challenging circumstances across the globe. 

Banga placed a particular emphasis on the importance of empowering women and youth, deeming it "critical for the next decade or two." Acknowledging the dynamic shifts in global demographics and socio-economic landscapes, he stressed the need for a concentrated effort to uplift these demographics.

Furthermore, the World Bank President called for unity and collaboration among world governments, stating, "We have to join ranks and work together. We don't have a choice." Emphasising the interconnectedness of global challenges and the necessity for collective action.

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