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Dubai Police crowned champions of UAE SWAT Challenge 2024

Dubai Police crowned champions of UAE SWAT Challenge 2024
7 Feb 2024 20:56


Dubai Police SWAT teams clinched the top two spots in the highly competitive UAE SWAT Challenge 2024.

The event, held annually in Dubai, attracts elite SWAT teams worldwide, all vying for the coveted title in gruelling tests designed to push their limits.

The Dubai Police's unparalleled performance throughout the five-day event reflected their rigorous training, dedication, and commitment to excellence.

Day 5 (the Obstacle Challenge) winners

First Place: RNP SWAT Team 1 - Rwanda - Score: 52 points - Time: 03:54.08

Second Place: Department of Special Force KALKAN - Kyrgyzstan - Score: 51 points - Time: 03:59.08

Third Place: Uzbekistan Police - Uzbekistan - Score: 50 points - Time: 04:04.03

Top three overall winners of the UAE SWAT Challenge 2024

1. First place - With a remarkable score of 325 points, Team B displayed exceptional prowess across all categories, including hostage rescue, tactical shooting, and obstacle navigation, earning them the championship title.

2. Second Place - Close on their heels, Dubai Police Team A amassed 303 points, demonstrating extraordinary teamwork and strategic thinking, securing a well-deserved second place.

3. Third place -Team SARDAR from Kazakhstan came in third, scoring 302 points, showcasing impressive skills and determination, and proving themselves to be formidable competitors in the international arena.

Honouring the champions

Their remarkable achievements were celebrated in a grand honouring ceremony, where His Excellency Major General Abdullah Ali Al Ghaithi, Assistant Commander-in-Chief for Operations Affairs at Dubai Police, awarded the top ten winners their well-deserved trophies and accolades.

Source: Aletihad - Abu Dhabi
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