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Salamah app expands to include all Abu Dhabi public schools

Salamah app expands to include all Abu Dhabi public schools
29 Jan 2024 22:21


The Integrated Transport Centre (ITC), affiliated with the Department of Municipalities and Transport (DMT), announced the expansion of the Salamah smart application’s scope of work to cover all public schools and some nurseries in the emirate. The application now includes a total of 672 educational facilities, following the success of its initial phase, which only included private schools and educational partners.

The app, which was developed in collaboration with the Department of Education and Knowledge (ADEK) as well as the Emirates Schools Establishment (ESE), operates within a unified and integrated smart system for managing school transportation, aiming to enhance safety and security on board school buses. It also strives to elevate the quality of school transportation services in Abu Dhabi, which caters to 239,000 students out of a total of 460,000 in the emirate, accounting for 49% of the student population. 

The "Salamah" system consists of a central platform and smart applications accessible to parents, educational institutions, transportation operators, bus drivers, and bus supervisors. In the initial phase, over 15,000 parents downloaded the Salamah app, which offers various features such as real-time updates on school bus trips, departure times, routes, and the ability to report student absences. 

The application facilitates direct communication with both bus drivers and supervisors. Additionally, it offers details on anticipated arrival times at school or home through notifications sent before the bus reaches its destination. Supervisors can document student boarding and disembarking, submit comprehensive trip reports, and make immediate notes in case of emergencies during the journey.

The central platform monitors and evaluates the performance of those involved in school transportation by tracking student arrivals within specified time frames, accounting for traffic congestion around schools and during rush hours.

The ITC urges parents and the general public to report any violations and offer feedback concerning school bus drivers and vehicle safety. Individuals are recommended to reach out to the DMT support centre using the toll-free number 800850.

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