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Antigua and Barbuda Police Force to take part in UAE SWAT Challenge

Antigua and Barbuda Police Force to take part in UAE SWAT Challenge
28 Jan 2024 16:26


The Royal Police Force of Antigua and Barbuda confirmed its inaugural participation in the upcoming UAE SWAT Challenge scheduled to begin on February 3 at the Training City in Al Ruwayyah.

Senior Sergeant of Police Greg Valerie, who leads the Antigua and Barbuda team, spoke about the fierce competition, acknowledging the need for thorough preparedness. He said: "As first-time participants in the UAE SWAT Challenge, we realize this competition is rather intense, this is why we must ensure our thorough preparedness and readiness for every segment of this competition."

Highlighting the team's rigorous training regimen over the past two weeks, he detailed their comprehensive programme including physical simulation exercises at the gym and extensive practice at the shooting range. The goal is to enhance the team's proficiency and accuracy with specific firearms, ensuring they are well-equipped for the challenges ahead.

Senior Sergeant Valerie conveyed the team's excitement for their debut in this global challenge, emphasising the invaluable opportunity to gain experiences and skills from diverse nations worldwide. 

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