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Abu Dhabi Municipality implements inspection drive in children's playrooms

Abu Dhabi Municipality implements inspection drive in children's playrooms
24 Jan 2024 11:29


Abu Dhabi City Municipality, through the Municipal Services Sector - Public Health Department, has implemented an awareness-raising inspection drive in children's playrooms.

The campaign focused on rooms located within the geographical locations of Abu Dhabi City Municipality and its sub-centres to raise awareness about public hygiene among its owners and workers. Also, aiming to raise awareness regarding adherence to health requirements.

Hygiene Standards

During the drive, municipality inspectors ensured that children's playrooms adhered to all health requirements and public hygiene standards. Furthermore, they also educated owners and workers on the importance of hygiene and compliance with health requirements in these facilities.

The requirements include maintaining public hygiene within the playrooms, completing all maintenance procedures, ensuring the availability of a first aid box that meets needs, complying with specified lighting levels inside the facility, and maintaining records of regular cleaning and disinfection.

Healthy Learning Environment

Abu Dhabi City Municipality also emphasised its commitment to regularly and persistently conducting such inspection drives throughout the year. These inspections will cover all children's playrooms within its geographical area in order to protect children's health by ensuring that they enjoy their time in a safe and healthy environment that not only brings joy but also aids in developing their skills and knowledge.

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