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UAE surges ahead achieving World's First 10 Gbps Internet Speeds

UAE leads global innovation with breakthrough 5G speeds, paving way for IoT revolution
23 Jan 2024 16:05


In a groundbreaking achievement, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has emerged as a global leader in high-speed internet, propelling the widespread application of the Internet of Things (IoT). The Telecommunications and Digital Government Regulatory Authority (TDRA) disclosed that the communications network's expansion to encompass thousands of small devices across smart cities is underway, heralding a new era of connectivity.

Engineer Mohamed Bushalibi, the Director of Information Security Services in the Information Security Department, highlighted the Authority's success in the second phase of the advanced fifth-generation experimentation project. Notably, the project achieved a remarkable speed of 10 gigabits per second, making the UAE the world's first country to attain this milestone.

This speed breakthrough signifies a qualitative shift in advancing digital transformation, supporting the future economy, and enhancing the user experience in the UAE," emphasized Bushalibi.

He stressed the important role this advancement plays in boosting data transfer speeds, particularly for state-level projects requiring precise technologies and high-speed internet. Examples include remote diagnostic operations in the medical sector, self-driving vehicle projects in transportation, and the management of industrial facilities, all contributing to a seamlessly connected and integrated digital world.

''The UAE’s arrival at these data transfer speeds does not indicate that it was an improvised step,” Bushalibi clarified that the UAE's attainment of these data transfer speeds resulted from an informed decision aligned with the TDRA's vision. This vision, consistent with 'We The UAE 2031,' aims to create a safe and advanced infrastructure connecting people, goods, and services, with the high speeds achieved “as a result of working in a three-fold context of feasibility and effectiveness,'' he said.

Explaining this three-fold context, Bushalibi highlighted TDRA 's comprehensive approach, starting with the launch of a 'white paper' before adopting 5G communications technologies. The 'white paper,' a term that refers to an informative report or guide that informs concerned parties about the issue, outlined the characteristics of fifth-generation networks, summarised network development trends, reviewed country-specific development requirements, and analysed the promotion of fifth-generation applications across various sectors, exploring the needs of energy, manufacturing, public services and transportation sectors for these applications.

The UAE's top ranking in mobile internet speed, as reported by the Okla company's "Speed Test" index, further solidifies its position as a global leader. With impressive download speeds of 324.92 Mbit/s, upload speeds of 29.99 Mbit/s, and an average access time of 19 milliseconds, the UAE continues to set the pace in the realm of high-speed internet. Additionally, fixed internet in the Emirates recorded an average download speed of 239.4 Mbps, an upload speed of 102.97 Mbps, and an average access time of 5 milliseconds, according to the same index.

 This remarkable achievement reflects the UAE's commitment to leveraging Emirati talent and driving economic productivity in line with the 'We The UAE 2031' vision.

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