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Climate action: An opportunity for sustainable economic growth

Climate action: An opportunity for sustainable economic growth
29 Nov 2023 10:56

Sami Abdel Raouf (Dubai) - The UAE’s hosting of the 28th Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP28) reflects the country’s significant role in leading the global movement to address the repercussions of climate change, which have become a clear threat to international peace and security.

The increase in carbon emissions and the rise in global temperatures have led to the spread of desertification, drought, and rainfall scarcity, especially in the African continent.

The changing climate has also resulted in an increasing number of wildfires and natural disasters like hurricanes and volcanoes.

Through the vision of the country’s wise leadership, the UAE views climate action as an opportunity to confront a challenge affecting humanity and to transform this challenge into an opportunity for sustainable economic growth.

Particularly in light of the UAE’s distinguished position and unique location as a bridge between East and West, and North and South. The success of COP28 will open prospects for leadership in the green economy, enhancing the country’s position as a centre for climate finance, technology, and emission reduction solutions.

It also opens new doors for local companies in sustainability and renewable energy projects around the world. The UAE is focused on protecting an sustaining resources for present and future generations, in alignment with the country’s efforts to propose effective solutions to environmental challenges and achieve sustainable development goals.

The country’s sustainability agenda, present in various vital sectors, assumes continuity as a right for future generations.

The UAE is committed to integrating sustainability into all facets of life in the country, and is pursuing a relentless course of green skills development as an important entry point to facing environmental challenges. As green economic opportunities require a new type of capabilities, the country is actively working to rise to the challenge through development to achieve sustainability goals.

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