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National Media Office launches ‘Climate Ambassadors’ programme

National Media Office launches ‘Climate Ambassadors’ programme
27 Nov 2023 10:20

The National Media Office (NMO) launched the “Climate Ambassadors” programme for social media influencers and content creators, with the aim of providing news coverage for COP28, set to begin on Thursday, 30th November 2023.

Through the programme, the NMO seeks to mobilise efforts and capabilities to enhance public awareness on the importance of climate action and to highlight the UAE’s efforts in this field.

The programme includes local, regional and international influencers and content creators of various nationalities, in addition to specialists in media and community service, as well as environmental affairs enthusiasts.

In addition to covering the conference activities and the events that will be held in Expo City Dubai, the programme’s members, including influencers and content creators, will raise awareness about environmental sustainability issues, encourage community participation, and promote national strategies in this field through creative content that reaches various segments of society.

The COP28 Conference of the Parties will be held from 30th November to 12th December in Expo City Dubai, and is expected to witness the attendance of over 70,000 participants, including heads of state, government officials, leaders of global industrial sectors, representatives of the private sector, youth, civil society, academics, and experts in the field of climate.

Source: WAM
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