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Indian technology institute promotes sustainability course in UAE

(Indian Embassy in UAE)
26 Nov 2023 09:54

In anticipation of the opening of a campus of the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi (IITD) in Abu Dhabi in January 2024, the parent institution has begun soliciting applications for admission to its inaugural overseas programme. 

Through the official Twitter - now renamed X - account of the Indian Embassy in Abu Dhabi, the application process from the UAE for a Master's course in Energy Transition and Sustainability has been ongoing for several days.  

"The objective is to train students from diverse science and engineering backgrounds as professionals and scholars in the energy and associated sectors,” the brochure for admission to this course said. 

"The programme will contribute to creating human resources that can effectively engage with the complex challenges associated with the energy transition and can take up leadership positions in the future energy sector,” it said. 

This course is being publicised in Abu Dhabi because the UAE is in the thick of promoting energy transitions and sustainability through multiple programmes in its diverse sectors.  

Applicants for this Master’s degree course must possess a four-year Bachelor’s degree in any of the engineering disciplines or equivalent qualifications. 

The Master’s programme will be administered in Abu Dhabi and at the IIT in Delhi. It may be possible for prospective candidates who enroll for the course at the parent campus to later shift to Abu Dhabi depending on the progress of the first overseas campus of the IITD.

The Indian Embassy retweeted on X a post by IITD that the opening of its Abu Dhabi campus is on schedule for January 2024. 

In its first phase, the Abu Dhabi campus will focus on computer science, artificial intelligence, energy, sustainability and healthcare, in addition to diverse research programmes, according to Rangan Banerjee, Director of IITD.  

Source: WAM
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