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‘Future Stars’ karate championship gains green belt with sustainability theme

‘Future Stars’ karate championship gains green belt with sustainability theme
22 Nov 2023 09:32

Ali Mabrouk (Dubai)

The eighth edition of the “Future Stars” Championship is sustainability themed, coinciding with the UAE’s preparations to host the 28th Conference of the Parties to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP28) and lead the world towards a better future, said Retired Major General Nasser Abdul Razzaq Al Razooqi, President of the UAE Karate Federation and Asian Karate Federation, and Vice President of the World Karate Federation. 

In exclusive statements to Aletihad, Al Razooqi said: “The Future Stars Championship embodies the hope of karate, as the federation organises it annually for younger age groups. It is one of the most important sources of talent for forming the next generation to develop the level of the game. Both male and female players from the UAE are focused on carrying the national flag in the future.”

He added: “This edition is being held amid our country’s preparations for the COP28 climate conference. Therefore, it is on us, the federation, to connect generations with each other, making the next generation of karate, who are currently young, realise the meaning, benefits, and importance of sustainability. It is an appropriate opportunity to share the importance of hosting a conference of this magnitude to serve global sustainability with our young ones.”

Al Razooqi said: “Sustainability should be a feature of our society for generations to come, including in sports. We must provide the environment for future generations to practice sports in a healthy and sound environment, preparing what is necessary for future karate players to give their best efforts.”

He continued: “Karate is not just a game; it is a cultural aspect of society, discipline, and balance in the physical strength of any young man or woman. The sports system is not just a board of directors; it is complete with players, administrators, and referees. In this championship for this age group, the purpose is to discover talents that serve the nation in the sport. Talking with them about sustainability and their role in building a clean and healthy sports environment at this young age is very important.”

Al Razooqi added: “There is a technical aspect that some may overlook. We conduct international studies to determine who is suitable to be a karate player. Through analysis, we found that technical aspects play a role in this. Currently, there are devices that explore the muscular and mental strengths of each player. I believe that sustainability is a duty for us all, and we should think about how to sustain sports in all aspects.”

He also emphasised that achieving sustainability in sports has become a necessity. “This approach requires all, including sports institutions (such as the General Authority for Sports, the Olympic Committee, sports councils, clubs, and federations), to shoulder this task and become partners in the success of sustainability,” he added.

Long-Term Plans Al Razooqi noted his belief in the importance of a long-term, strategic plan for the sport.  “This is not impossible for the people of the UAE, and we see significant support from our wise leadership in promoting sustainability in all areas, not just in sports,” he said.

Sustainability of HumanityAl Razooqi added: “The sustainability of humans and humankind is the foundation. We must think and develop the mindset of our children to achieve this level of action, through their parents and the family in general, as well as through clubs. In karate, we focus on the player from all aspects - psychological, social, and physical. We are always looking to support their development and advancement to keep up with societal changes.”

Institutions and Sports Clubs Al Razooqi confirmed that institutions and sports clubs are among the most important factors in achieving sustainable development goals at the community and national levels. By focusing their attention on promoting sports and physical activity, these institutions and clubs contribute to achieving sustainable development aspirations that ensure economic, social, and environmental prosperity.

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