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Global solidarity gap hinders climate change response: Bangladesh Special Envoy for Climate Change to WAM

Global solidarity gap hinders climate change response: Bangladesh Special Envoy for Climate Change to WAM
12 Nov 2023 14:48

Saber Hossain Chowdhury, Special Envoy to the Prime Minister of Bangladesh for Climate Change, said that the biggest problem in fighting climate change globally is the lack of global solidarity. He stressed the importance of implementing and activating the Loss and Damage Fund to help poor countries that are suffering from the effects of climate change, so that they can get the money they need.

In a statement to Emirates News Agency (WAM), He expressed his optimism about the upcoming COP28 climate summit, emphasising the visible efforts to achieve tangible outcomes. He noted that the pre-meetings leading up to the summit indicate a shift away from mere rhetoric and towards concrete implementation of plans and commitments.

Chowdhury, who has attended numerous Conferences of the Parties since the Copenhagen Summit, commended the exceptional and proactive leadership demonstrated by the UAE in hosting COP28. He lauded the Presidency's approach of asking the right questions, encouraging constructive dialogue, and proposing effective ideas to facilitate positive outcomes.

"The way COP28 is being organised and structured is different, and the indicators are positive," Chowdhury remarked, expressing confidence in the COP28 Presidency's ability to steer the conference towards success. He further added that the expectations are aligned with the Presidency's efforts, and there is a shared hope for achieving the goals at the conference, which will be held in the UAE, a land where dreams turn into reality, as he put it.

Global solidarity is essential to finding solutions to the climate crisis, Chowdhury said, adding that the problem is global and requires a global solution, and that no country can go it alone.

Chowdhury pointed out that science clearly shows the extent of the crisis, and that the necessary funding to address it has not been forthcoming. He also highlighted the importance of implementing and activating the Climate Loss and Damage Fund to help affected countries.

The Special Envoy said that Bangladesh is committed to working with other countries to find solutions to the climate crisis. He stated that what Bangladesh wants is what every country in the world should want: a sustainable future for all.

Bangladesh is not required to set a date for achieving carbon neutrality, according to Chowdhury, because its emissions are very low and it is already taking significant action to address climate change. "We are on the receiving end of climate change, Bangladesh's emissions are 0.46% and have not even reached 0.5%, so there is a major issue of climate justice,” he argued.

He pointed out that a country like Bangladesh has to choose between responding to climate change and addressing other development needs.

He said, "We should not be in that position where we have to choose, and what we are demanding in terms of climate funding is not new but has already been agreed upon and pledged, and the funding that has been pledged must be delivered."

He also called on developed countries to deliver on their promises of climate finance, so that Bangladesh can continue to invest in measures to adapt to and mitigate climate change.




Source: WAM
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