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UAE, Romania expand bilateral cooperation in field of government modernisation

UAE, Romania expand bilateral cooperation in field of government modernisation
8 Nov 2023 16:21

DUBAI (WAM): As part of the official visit of the Government Experience Exchange delegation to the Republic of Romania, a series of meetings were held with the participation of several government officials to discuss ways to expand the bilateral cooperation between the governments of the UAE and Romania in the field of government modernisation.

The two parties agreed on the new pillars of their partnership aiming to exchange knowledge, expertise and successful experiences in the field of developing government work models.

During the visit, the Government Experience Exchange team of the Ministry of Cabinet Affairs met Laszlo Borbely, State Counselor and Coordinator of the Sustainable Development Department in the Government of Romania, Nicolae Comănescu, State Counselor for Foreign Affairs, Chancellery of the Prime Minister, and Bogdan Dumea, State Secretary, Ministry of Research, Innovation and Digitalization, where they discussed expanding the strategic partnership and the areas of development to enhance it and take it to the next level.

The new pillars of cooperation include digitisation and digital transformation of services, AI, space, innovation, sustainable development goals, economy and investment, capacity building, and government accelerators.

Abdullah Nasser Lootah, Deputy Minister of Cabinet Affairs for Competitiveness and Knowledge Exchange, stated the UAE government is keen to expand its cooperation efforts aiming to enhance government work with the government of friendly countries, which share the same vision with the UAE, namely to establish the foundations of successful future governments.

“Expanding the partnership between the UAE and the government of Romania is a testament to the keenness of both sides to promote constructive relations and benefit from the futuristic work models, experiences and success stories that the UAE government has been able to develop,” he added.

For his part, Laszlo Borbely stressed that “the visit of the UAE delegation and signing the Memorandum of Understanding mark a new milestone in the cooperation the Government of Romania launched with the Government of the UAE last February, to develop efficient, accountable and transparent entities and promote institutional capacities. Through this MoU, we will exchange best practices in many areas such as education for sustainable development, digital government, artificial intelligence, space exploration, incubators, and more.”

“We were excited to learn about the UAE’s Government Accelerators, their performance management system, Services 1, the Unified Digital Platform, the Million Coders Initiative, and how to nurture a culture of innovation. The Department of Sustainable Development will have an active role in the coming period in engaging all the relevant government entities in Romania to capitalise on this MoU, which has a significant potential for the development of our country and the improvement of the government sector,” he added.

The governments of the UAE and Romania announced the launch of the strategic partnership in government modernisation, within the activities of the World Government Summit 2023, through an MoU.

Cooperation between the two sides covers numerous fields, including sharing knowledge, experiences, and best practices in building the capabilities of the digital government, the digital economy, artificial intelligence, innovation, education, coding, and incubators, administrative capabilities, upskilling government employees, developing services, and providing seamless customer experiences.

Source: WAM
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