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COP28: A platform for achieving comprehensive sustainable development – DEWA official

COP28: A platform for achieving comprehensive sustainable development – DEWA official
8 Nov 2023 08:47


Dr. Aaesha Al Nuaimi, Executive Director of the Innovation Centre at the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) at the Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Solar Park, affirmed that the 28th session of the Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP28), which the UAE will host at Expo City Dubai from November 30 to December 12, constitutes an important platform to showcase the UAE’s efforts to mobilise global endeavours for achieving comprehensive sustainable development.

In an interview with Aletihad, Al Nuaimi explained that in line with the COP28 conference themes of engaging all sectors of society, especially women and the youth, and emphasising their role in climate action, the Innovation Centre has intensified its efforts to enhance the youth’s climate action tools and knowledge so that they can be active contributors to the conference, which is considered the most youth-inclusive in the history of COPs.

  • Dr. Aaesha Al Nuaimi
    Dr. Aaesha Al Nuaimi


Al Nuaimi said that it is her aspiration for COP28 to become a global platform to facilitate the interaction of Emirati youth with other young people from around the world. She also noted that the conference is an opportunity to highlight the achievements of the UAE’s wise leadership in building humanity, consolidating prosperity and development, and ensuring a better tomorrow for people everywhere.

“The Centre supports efforts to hone and develop the capabilities of the next generation of innovators and experts in future technologies, with a focus on nurturing and enhancing national talents,” Al Nuaimi said.
The Centre provides a range of programmes and training courses, in cooperation with leading companies, educational institutions, and local and global universities, to qualify youth into becoming active partners in shaping a sustainable future. Among these programmes and courses is the “Youths for Clean Energy” programme launched by the Centre, which targets young talents and leaders to develop their knowledge and expertise in clean and renewable energy, and deepen their understanding of entrepreneurship.

In addition, the “Professional Certification” programme is part of the continuous series of programmes, training, and professional courses organised by the Centre to enhance the technical competencies and expertise of professionals in the UAE in the photovoltaic solar energy field. In addition, the “Networking for Clean Energy” programme allows innovators, achievers, and specialists in clean energy to showcase their successes in the field of clean energy technologies and exchange knowledge.

Exploring InnovationAccording to Al Nuami, DEWA’s Innovation Centre is a global incubator for innovation in the energy and water sectors, serving as a major landmark in Dubai and a primary destination for those wishing to explore the latest innovations in clean and renewable energy.

The Centre is also an important platform for raising awareness of green initiatives launched by the Government of Dubai and DEWA, enhancing the Authority’s efforts to showcase the latest solar and clean energy technology. The Centre also highlight achievements in renewable energy and sustainability, and contributes to supporting Dubai’s experience in anticipating and creating the future of energy and water within an integrated system.

National Competencies
The Innovation Centre works on developing the skills and building the capabilities of the next generation of UAE clean energy innovators, Al Nuaimi said.

The Centre has reached a 77% Emiratisation rate, embracing local talents with doctoral and master’s degrees, in addition to high academic qualifications in STEM fields.

Visitor ExperienceVisitors to the Centre are taken on a virtual journey through various parts of the Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Solar Park using metaverse technology, and are shown a range of engaging presentations using drone technology, holography, and augmented reality.

Additionally, visitors have the opportunity to test a number of unique interactive experiences, including self-driving electric buses. Visitors can also view more than 35 interactive presentations about the most prominent inventions in electricity, and the latest developments in renewable and clean energy.

Groundbreaking ConferenceA few days before COP28, the Innovation Centre will organise the first edition of the Middle East and North Africa Solar Energy Conference.

The November 15-18 conference will be the largest scientific platform bringing together  globally leading photovoltaic solar energy experts, researchers, scientists, and speakers, who will present and discuss the latest scientific discoveries in the field, stimulate the creation of new opportunities for scientific exchange, and build bridges of communication in the region.

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