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Al Dhafra health forum showcases 80 youth-led innovative projects

Al Dhafra health forum showcases 80 youth-led innovative projects
2 Nov 2023 08:59

EHAB AL RAFAI (AL DHAFRA REGION) - The second Al Dhafra health forum showcased more than 80 innovative projects presented by students from the Al Dhafra region, addressing a number of distinguished ideas and programmes that meet the needs of various segments of society.

The organising committee of the forum was keen to adopt many of the innovative projects presented by the students, and to provide support for these projects in order to encourage students to exert more effort in scientific and innovative research and to encourage other students to be interested in the innovative aspect, which positively reflects and creates an encouraging atmosphere towards innovation and excellence.

The second day of the second health forum, held under the slogan “Al Dhafra, a Healthy Society”, organised by Al Dhafra hospitals, in cooperation with Abu Dhabi Health Services Company SEHA, affiliated with the Pure Health group, the largest integrated healthcare platform in the Middle East, witnessed a large turnout from the public and those interested in the health sector in the Al Dhafra region.

Jaber Ali Al Marar, Executive Director of the Support Services Department at Al Dhafra hospitals and Chairman of the Organising Committee of the second health forum of Al Dhafra hospitals, stated that the second day of the forum witnessed a significant increase in the number of visitors and the public interested in the health sector to follow the various events presented during the forum, reflecting the great success achieved in the current version, which was a continuation of the great success of the first version.

Al Marar added that the innovative projects platform included in the forum witnessed the participation of more than 80 innovative projects presented by school students as well as students from technical colleges in the Al Dhafra region, and these projects included a large group of new and innovative ideas, which prompted the committee to select a group of innovative projects and provide support for them.

He added that the scientific conference saw the participation of more than 40 speakers in various medical and scientific specialties. The forum also attracted large numbers of people interested in the health sector to benefit from the health programmes, workshops, and lectures that are presented during the forum.

Hayam Mohammed Madani, coordinator of Al Dhafra schools for the health forum, explained that the students of Qatar Al Nada School presented nine innovative projects centered around how all sectors of society can integrate with each other naturally and simply.

Among the presentations included a device for communication between the deaf and mute people with doctors, and the possibility of developing it in a way that allows the device to connect with various institutions through a camera installed in the device that conveys the signs of the deaf and mute to the device that translates them into sounds and speech.

Through this, the other party can understand the signs, and vice versa, to translate sounds and speech into signs for the deaf and mute. Madani added that the school will seek to register patents for these ideas and projects, and that a large number of specialised entities have communicated to adopt a number of outstanding projects.

Nasser Ahmed Al Ali, director of Al Dhafra Shooting Club, emphasised the club’s keenness to participate in the second health forum organised by Al Dhafra hospitals, stemming from the club’s community and health role. He pointed out that the club offers a range of services to the forum’s visitors, including a display of the latest gym equipment through the club’s pavilion, alongside offering great deals and discounts for the forum’s attendees regarding the swimming pool and gym.

In addition, a range of valuable prizes and draws are offered to the visitors and attendees of the forum.

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