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Abu Dhabi could be home to world’s first eSports island

Abu Dhabi could be home to world’s first eSports island
25 Mar 2024 11:27

Abu Dhabi (Aletihad)

True Gamers, a global network of eSports spaces, has announced plans to establish the world’s premier eSports Island in Abu Dhabi with an investment exceeding $280 million, the company said in an emailed press release.

The project’s estimated return on investment spans a decade, with discussions underway to secure backing from high-profile investors.

This move aims to cultivate a vibrant hub for eSports enthusiasts, featuring top-notch facilities for training, tournaments, and content creation.

The island will boast a training centre for professional teams, a venue for hosting major gaming events, and dedicated spaces for influencers and developers to create engaging content. Additionally, gamers will have access to a luxury hotel offering an immersive Esports experience. The investment encompasses various facets, from acquiring a private island to crafting exclusive experiences inspired by popular games like PUBG: Battlegrounds. 

The island will feature facilities and an advanced training programme for both professional and aspiring gamers. The island will also include children’s Esports camps.

Through partnerships with leading Esports teams and extensive research, True Gamers has designed the island’s infrastructure to meet the diverse needs of gamers worldwide. Notable features include the Digital Tower, a business hub and startup accelerator, and the TG Arena, a venue for Esports tournaments and conferences.

The GG Bootcamps section will provide professional players with tailored training environments, addressing key challenges such as connectivity, nutrition, and equipment quality. Additionally, the GG Resort will offer guests luxurious accommodations equipped with high-performance gaming setups.
Founded in 2019, True Gamers is a network of next-generation Esports spaces, with 124 Esports halls in the UAE and Eastern Europe. In January, the company signed a $45 million deal to open 150 gaming clubs in Saudi Arabia, in partnership with Falak CEO Nawaf Albishri. Last year, Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman launched the Esports World Cup, which will be hosted by Riyadh starting in the summer of 2024.

Source: Aletihad - Abu Dhabi
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