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French Prime Minister Gabriel Attal announces resignation

French Prime Minister Gabriel Attal announces resignation
8 July 2024 00:04

Paris (dpa)

Prime Minister Gabriel Attal announced his resignation after the left-wing alliance secured a surprise victory in the French parliamentary elections on Sunday and his centrist camp failed to win a majority.

Attal, who belongs to President Emmanuel Macron's Renaissance party, said after the first projections were published on Sunday evening that the Ensemble (Together) alliance led by Renaissance had no majority to govern and he would be submitting his resignation to Macron on Monday morning.

Macron can ask Attal and the government to remain in office on a temporary basis until a majority for a new government is in place.

Macron appointed Attal as prime minister in January. At the age of 34, he became the youngest prime minister in recent French history.

Attal was considered quite popular and had a reputation for being able to discuss issues with representatives of other political camps. Attal had led the campaign for the parliamentary elections.

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