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G20 delegates reach consensus on the foundations of Global Alliance Against Hunger and Poverty

G20 delegates reach consensus on the foundations of Global Alliance Against Hunger and Poverty
25 May 2024 12:36


G20 international delegations reached a consensus on the foundations for the creation of the Global Alliance Against Hunger and Poverty at the closing meeting of the Task Force to Fight Hunger and Poverty on Friday in Teresina, the capital of the Brazilian state of Piauí.

"We leave here with the certainty that the world will have a Global Alliance Against Hunger and Poverty as of November, towards the end of Brasil's presidency of the G20,'' said Wellington Dias, Brazil’s Minister of Development and Social Assistance, Family and Combating Hunger, at the end of the meeting.

About 50 delegation members present at the meeting participated in its finalisation. According to Minister Dias, there was consensus around the final terms of two seminal documents. A financial screening will be carried out by technicians and authorities from the Finance Track, ensuring that adaptations are made to suit each country’s rules and legislation.

South African Nosipho Nausca, Permanent Representative to the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations (FAO), reiterated the desire of the delegations to achieve consensus on the Global Alliance.

"We hope to continue the legacy of the Brazilian presidency, which is serving as an experience; the two countries have a long-standing relationship. The challenges before the Alliance are very specific. Brasil has accurately conceptualised the issue of hunger and poverty in the world, and we were coming out of the meeting with a good programme to combat the problem," declared Nausca.

She added that "South Africa is being inspired by the role Brasil is playing and hopes not to drop the ball". The country will succeed Brasil as president of the G20 as of December 1 this year.

An online digital platform is now available so that countries wishing to join the Alliance can submit successful programmes and experiences for consideration. Concrete proposals are already being drawn up with the expectation of being implemented as soon as the Alliance is officially launched in November during the G20 Heads of State Summit.

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