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33rd Arab Summit in Bahrain to discuss pressing regional issues

33rd Arab Summit in Bahrain to discuss pressing regional issues
16 May 2024 08:50


Political and diplomatic experts anticipate that the 33rd Arab Summit in Manama will yield groundbreaking decisions in response to the critical circumstances currently affecting the Arab world and beyond.

Former Egyptian Foreign Minister, Ambassador Nabil Fahmy, highlighted the significance of this regular and essential convening of Arab leaders amidst a volatile regional climate, particularly emphasising the challenges posed by the ongoing war in Gaza and persistent Israeli violations which have exacerbated the humanitarian crisis there.

Speaking to Aletihad, Fahmy stressed that the summit’s primary focus would likely be on halting Israeli aggression in Gaza, expediting humanitarian aid, discussing reconstruction efforts, and reinforcing the commitment to a two-state solution.

He further noted that “the Arab nations are poised to finalise a comprehensive resolution to end the Arab-Israeli conflict, unequivocally addressing and halting Israeli infractions.” Fahmy recalled the strong stance taken at the Riyadh Summit and expressed hope for its reaffirmation, given the continued Israeli military actions.

Fahmy also pointed out the urgency of addressing the tense situations in Yemen, Sudan, and Libya, the political instability in Lebanon, and the escalating refugee crisis.

International Support

Former Assistant Foreign Minister Ambassador Hussein Haridi, emphasised the need for the Bahrain Summit to adopt exceptional and decisive resolutions under the prevailing conditions. Speaking to Aletihad, Haridi stressed that the summit’s final communiqué should be robust, calling for strict measures against Israeli aggression in Gaza. He underscored the importance of leveraging the current international backing and the recent draft resolution that granted Palestine full membership in the United Nations - an essential political triumph at this juncture. Haridi views global recognition of an independent Palestinian state as pivotal, serving as a foundation for uniting Palestinian and Arab efforts and exerting pressure on Israel to cease its hostilities and violations against civilians.

Regional Risks

Dr. Tarek Fahmy, a professor of Political Science, stressed the significance of the Arab Summit as a demonstration of Arab unity and awareness of the grave dangers not only in Gaza but across the region. 
He told Aletihad that hosting the summit in a Gulf state like Bahrain underscores the influential role of the Gulf Cooperation Council in regional and broader Arab matters, thereby enhancing their political leverage in the Middle East.

Stopping Attacks

Ambassador Gamal Bayoumi, another former Egyptian Assistant Foreign Minister, pointed out that a critical expectation from the summit is the cessation of Israeli attacks on civilians in Gaza, describing the situation as catastrophic. Bayoumi told Aletihad that the deteriorating conditions are not limited to Gaza but span across regional threats like the Red Sea navigation, conflicts in Sudan, humanitarian issues in Yemen, the political void in Lebanon, and tensions in Syria, making it imperative for these matters to be addressed at the summit.

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