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UAE calls for exclusively peaceful use of outer space

UAE calls for exclusively peaceful use of outer space
8 May 2024 08:27


The UAE called for the exclusively peaceful use of outer space in a recent United Nations General Assembly Meeting, expressing deep regret that the Security Council was unable to adopt its first-ever resolution on weapons of mass destruction in outer space.

“Today, seventy years on from the initial international space race, the stakes are far higher. A nuclear or other WMD arms race in outer space could have far-reaching consequences for all of humanity,” said Ambassador and Permanent Representative, His Excellency Mohamed Abushahab. He emphasised the missed opportunity to take a proactive step in safeguarding outer space for peaceful purposes, benefiting all humankind.

The ambassador highlighted the increasing divisions within the Security Council, particularly among its permanent members, as a significant barrier to international peace and security efforts, including the preservation of outer space.

“It is crucial that the wider membership strengthen its cooperation on this vital new horizon for international peace,” he asserted.

Abushahab outlined the UAE’s stance that more must be done to prevent an arms race in outer space. Despite the foundation laid by the Outer Space Treaty, he noted: “Advances in technology and continued geo-political tensions compel us to proceed with caution.”

The UAE proposed that any future resolutions should include three key elements: unanimous support from all Security Council members, reaffirmation of member states’ rights to peaceful exploration, and that these efforts should complement existing international endeavours.

“All countries have a shared stake in preventing an arms race in outer space. Our collective efforts would be better focused on what this new arena has to offer, an unparalleled opportunity to harness human ingenuity, curiosity, and international cooperation,” said Abushahab, expressing the UAE firm commitment to promoting the exclusively peaceful use of outer space, striving to ensure it serves as a realm of peace and discovery rather than conflict.

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