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Death toll from Kenya floods rises to 228

Death toll from Kenya floods rises to 228
5 May 2024 20:16


Kenya's interior ministry on Sunday announced that the death toll from the flooding and impacts of heavy rain in Kenya has risen to 228, as reported by Reuters.

Notably, the torrential rains that caused widespread flooding and landslides nationwide over the past few weeks are expected to worsen this month.

The ministry released a statement in which it said that further flooding was "expected in low-lying areas, riparian areas and urban areas while landslides/mudslides may occur in areas with steep slopes, escarpments and ravines."

The deluges have destroyed homes, roads, bridges, and other infrastructure across East Africa's largest economy.

The ministry stated that at least 164 people have been injured by the adverse weather, while 212,630 have been displaced.

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