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Heavy rains cause severe flooding, landslides in central and eastern China

Heavy rains cause severe flooding, landslides in central and eastern China
22 Apr 2024 10:43


Heavy rainstorms caused by strong thunderstorms have resulted in serious floods and traffic problems in rural parts of Hunan Province in central China and Jiangxi Province in the east.

Local officials have activated emergency services to help with rescue missions and provide aid to those affected by the disaster.

According to China Central Television, a significant landslide occurred in Yizhang County, Hunan Province, in an area affected by storms. This event caused river water levels to rise dramatically, leading to flooding in nearby areas.

Additionally, the landslide blocked a road that connects to a village in Jiangshui Township.

Local authorities dispatched excavators on Sunday morning to clear the road. After three hours of work, the thick mud obstructing the road was mostly removed, enabling vehicles with higher ground clearance to traverse the area.

The heavy rainstorm has inflicted varying levels of damage on 11 villages in Jiangshui Township. Currently, the rainfall has ceased, and river levels are subsiding, as reported by local authorities.

In Dayu County, located in Jiangxi Province, intense rainfall resulted in a landslide occurring on a road, obstructing it with mud, rocks, and fallen trees. The local authorities promptly shut down the road and dispatched emergency personnel and equipment to the impacted zone.

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