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South Korea hopes new speed train links will help boost birthrate

South Korea hopes new speed train links will help boost birthrate
1 Apr 2024 09:26


South Korea is launching a high-speed train service that will reduce the travel time between central Seoul and its outskirts, a project officials hope will encourage more youth to consider homes outside the city, and start having babies.

South Korea has the world’s lowest fertility rate, and its youth have often cited long commutes and cramped, expensive housing in greater Seoul, home to about half the population, as the main reasons for not getting married and starting a family.

The birth rate in Seoul is even lower than the national average, and the government has tried to boost the number of newborns through subsidies, with little success.

Officials are now pinning their hopes on the Great Train eXpress (GTX), a 134 trillion won ($99.5 billion) underground speed train project that, by 2035, will provide six lines linking Seoul to several outlying areas.

President Yoon Suk Yeol inaugurated a section of the first line, which will cut the commute time from Suseo in capital to the satellite city of Dongtan to 19 minutes from 80 minutes now on a bus.

The shorter commute “will enable people to spend more time with their family in the mornings and evenings,” he added.

The GTX will be one of the fastest underground systems in the world, with trains travelling at speeds of up to 180km per hour, officials said.

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