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A million solar eclipse enthusiasts expected at Niagara Falls

A million solar eclipse enthusiasts expected at Niagara Falls
1 Apr 2024 09:18


From vintage train rides costing almost $4,000 per person to hotel rooms listed at $1,600 a night, businesses in and around majestic Niagara Falls are preparing to cash in on the April 8 total solar eclipse - with around a million visitors expected.

The dramatic waterfall, situated along the Canadian-US border, is in the path of the eclipse, and many people are splurging on hotels and rentals in advance to experience the phenomenon at one of North America’s natural wonders.

The eclipse will be a busy time both on the Ontario side and the New York side of the waterfall.
Jim Diodati, mayor of the Ontario city of Niagara Falls, predicted “by far the biggest crowd that we’ve ever had” on the Canadian side for the eclipse. Diodati estimated that up to a million people will be there, compared with the 14 million who typically visit during the course of an entire year.

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