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Emirati field hospital in Gaza plays instrumental role in addressing health needs

Emirati field hospital in Gaza plays instrumental role in addressing health needs
29 Jan 2024 08:02


Raed Al-Nems, the spokesperson for the Palestine Red Crescent in the Gaza Strip, has lauded the United Arab Emirates for its significant support to the residents of Gaza.

In an interview with Aletihad, Al-Nems highlighted the instrumental role of the Emirati field hospital in Rafah, noting that it significantly contributes to addressing the health and medical needs in the region, especially in providing crucial medical assistance to staff.

Al-Nems described the humanitarian situation in Gaza as catastrophic, with numerous risks posing a threat to the population. He stressed that the health conditions are deteriorating rapidly each day, exacerbated by the Israeli targeting of health and humanitarian crews. This situation, he noted, adversely affects a large number of displaced families, patients, and those injured in hospitals.

Praising the UAE’s efforts, Al-Nems pointed out that the Emirati field hospital has been a significant factor in supporting the injured and aiding medical staff, who have been facing challenges such as fuel shortages and a lack of medical supplies for over 100 days.

The UAE, according to Al-Nems, is exerting extensive efforts to improve the humanitarian and health conditions in Gaza.

Through initiatives like “Tarahum - For Gaza” and “The Gallant Knight 3” operation, the UAE has established a comprehensive field hospital within Gaza. This facility is designed to provide medical support and treat thousands of Palestinian children and their families. Furthermore, it facilitates treatment in UAE hospitals, ensuring necessary medical care.

Al-Nems emphasised that Gaza’s healthcare infrastructure is in dire condirion, revealing that out of 36 hospitals, more than 30 have ceased functioning due to targeting, fuel shortages, and unavailability of medical supplies. He stated that the war has severely impacted humanitarian conditions, worsening as the health and relief sector are increasingly compromised.

Addressing the most affected groups due to the ongoing conflict, Al-Nems pointed out that there are 1.9 million displaced people, including about 900,000 children. These groups, he said, are particularly susceptible to diseases and epidemics. People with chronic illnesses are also severely affected, he added, as they are unable to receive necessary treatments.

Al-Nems also highlighted a major food security crisis and the lack of access to essentials like clean water, milk, and medicine. This situation, he warned, poses a significant risk to thousands, especially in the overcrowded and congested shelters. He further noted the dire circumstances of families sheltering in southern Gaza, lacking basic necessities such as health, sanitation, relief materials, and food amid severe cold, thus exacerbating their plight.

The spokesperson stressed the urgent need for a permanent ceasefire to allow medical teams to effectively serve and meet the needs of the affected groups, including children, the elderly, people with disabilities, and displaced persons.

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