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Opera singer Fatima Alhashmi brings tunes of Emirati openness to global stage

Opera singer Fatima Alhashmi brings tunes of Emirati openness to global stage
8 July 2024 09:17


Blending Eastern and Western musician traditions in her performance and rendering them in 15 languages, Emirati opera singer Fatima Alhashmi has captivated music lovers at home and abroad.

In an interview with Aleltihad, Alhashmi said that her position as Head of Music at the Ministry of Culture and Knowledge Development has substantially shaped her musical career and performances.

“I am blessed and thankful to have a job within my passion which drives me to work and develop my career path. It is a win-win situation; being an artist has enabled me to address industry gaps, find solutions, and, on the other side, the ministry has always been a backbone of support, providing opportunities,” Alhashmi said.

She represented the country at diplomatic and cultural events and performed around the world with professional orchestras in diverse venues.

Reflecting on her career as an Emirati woman in opera and classical music, Alhashmi said: “The UAE is the land of opportunities and with openness to other cultures it has been a smooth and easy journey for me, especially with the support of my family. I am looking forward to realising more achievements and milestones in my music journey.”

“Singing in 15 languages and representing the UAE, I have always aimed to uphold our national identity on stage wherever I perform,” she added.

She also weaves her passion for Western classical music into her Arab identity.
With her distinctive vocal techniques and wide accolades, she burnished her standing in the music scene.

Sharing significant career milestones, Alhashmi said: “One of my proudest moments is receiving the Bravo Awards in Russia at the famous Bolshoi Theatre and having the opportunity to perform with the orchestra.”

Her education and training at Trinity College London shaped her approach to music and performance. “It helped me diversify my musical career, not only in performance and management but also through teaching the piano for four years at the piano centre,” she said.

Alhashmi, along with the Emirati Musicians’ Association, aspires to pave the way for musical talents in the UAE, inspiring them to fine-tune their musical journeys.
Reflecting on managing her roles as a performer, educator, and cultural ambassador for the UAE, she said: “It is all integrated beside each other and supports each role, sometimes wearing two hats at the same time.”

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