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Arab Youth Centre launches ‘Arab Youth Leadership Programme in Third Sector’

Arab Youth Centre launches ‘Arab Youth Leadership Programme in Third Sector’
25 Apr 2024 15:16


The Arab Youth Centre has announced the launch of the "Young Leadership Programme in the Third Sector” during its participation in the 2024 World Conference on Asian Humanitarian Affairs in Abu Dhabi.

The programme aims to prepare and build the capacities of young cadres in public service and in areas related to developmental, humanitarian, and social investment work, which will contribute to accelerating the pace of development in the Arab region.

H.H. Sheikh Theyab bin Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the Arab Youth Centre, expressed his desire to further invest in the capabilities and talents of young Arab individuals, directing their energies towards supporting the region's economy in serving humanity and meeting its needs through sustainable development.

H.H. Sheikh Theyab bin Mohamed bin Zayed highlighted the significant opportunities for Arab communities given the growing role of the Third Sector, including associations and non-governmental organisations, in supporting a social and solid economy, aligning with the aspirations of both the public and the private sectors.

H.H. Sheikh Theyab bin Mohamed bin Zayed added, “Given the accelerating economic, social, and environmental changes, there is a need to prepare a generation of young people capable of leading developmental work, which primarily relies on the skills and efficiency of human resources.

“The UAE has prioritised humanitarian work since the establishment of the Union, leading the country to the top ranks globally in this field. This has led to establishing effective partnerships with various international organisations and institutes concerned with developmental work, aligning with our vision to empower youth and open up opportunities for them to increase their contributions to developmental work.”

The launch of the programme was announced during a youth session at the World Conference on Humanitarian Affairs in Abu Dhabi, which was attended by Shamma Al Mazrui, Minister of Community Development and Vice-Chair of the Arab Youth Centre; Dr. Sultan Al Neyadi, Minister of State for Youth Affairs; and Hamoud Al Junaibi, Acting Secretary-General of the UAE Red Crescent, along with decision-makers and young leaders from various fields of humanitarian, developmental, and charitable work.

H.H. Sheikh Theyab bin Mohamed bin Zayed had instructed the team at the Arab Youth Centre to leverage the concurrent hosting of the 2024 Asian World Conference on Humanitarian Work in Abu Dhabi, along with the Dubai International Humanitarian Aid and Development Exhibition and Conference (DIHAD), to enhance youth participation and listen to their aspirations and ideas in various fields of humanitarian and developmental work.

The centre organised youth dialogue sessions during both the conference and exhibition, where decision-makers and officials shed light on the values that empower youth in the sector and the skills they need for community leadership.

The "Arab Youth Leadership Programme in the Third Sector," held under the patronage of H.H. Sheikh Theyab, will serve as a comprehensive fellowship programme in partnership with several leading institutions. The programme consists of three main stages that combine theoretical and experiential learning, skills acquisition, and practical training to simulate real-life models that contribute to identifying best practices and approaches in the third sector.

The programme aims to bring participants closer to experienced professionals, decision-makers, international conferences, and workshops, building their capacities in strategic thinking and achieving developmental targets to serve the communities and enhance youth opportunities to assume leadership positions.

In its inaugural edition, the programme targets approximately 20 young men and women under 35 from various Arab countries with diverse practical experiences in public service organisations.

Nominations are now open through the Arab Youth Centre website, arabyouthcenter.org, until mid-May. The actual programme will launch on World Humanitarian Day, 19th August 2024.

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