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TRENDS hosts youth research panel at Paris International Book Fair 2024

TRENDS hosts youth research panel at Paris International Book Fair 2024
14 Apr 2024 14:05

Abu Dhabi (ALETIHAD)

TRENDS Research & Advisory, in collaboration with the Aletihad News Center, demonstrated its commitment to nurturing and empowering young researchers by hosting a compelling panel titled “Empowering Young Researchers: The Significance of Research and Student Exchange” during the Paris International Book Fair 2024. Held at the TRENDS pavilion within the Exhibition Centre of the Grand Palais Éphémère in the heart of Paris, the event featured Dr. Patrice Brodeur, Associate Professor at the University of Montreal, alongside UAE students from the Sorbonne University, researchers, media influencers, and content creators.

The panel explored the pivotal role of research and student exchange in honing the skills of young researchers and fostering global dialogue. Esteemed speakers highlighted the collaborative efforts of think tanks, universities, educational institutions, and media in facilitating skill development among youth.

Expert Insights

Dr. Mohammed Abdullah Al-Ali, CEO of TRENDS, highlighted the centre’s dedication to strengthening research collaboration with both local and international academic institutions. He emphasised TRENDS’ role in providing training in scientific research methodologies to numerous students and young researchers.

Dr. Al-Ali pointed out that several young researchers affiliated with TRENDS have engaged in research exchange initiatives with international academic institutions. These programmes aim to refine their skills, empower them through exposure to diverse experiences, and enhance their research and analytical capabilities.

Dr. Al-Ali also emphasised the significant role of the training department at TRENDS, dedicated to advancing these efforts. He underscored TRENDS’ many research partnerships that facilitate knowledge exchange, reaffirming the centre’s commitment to nurturing and empowering young individuals in scientific research to prepare them as future leaders, in line with global standards.

Gateway to Understanding 

OthersDr. Hamad Al Kaabi, Chief Aletihad News Center Officer, lauded TRENDS’ endeavours to bolster the skills of young researchers, underlining the media’s crucial role in fostering global cultural exchange and tightening closer ties between peoples and cultures. He stressed the significance of communication and dialogue, noting that knowledge and culture serve as the gateway to understanding others and enhancing the principles of coexistence and tolerance.

Dr. Al Kaabi highlighted the importance of prominent media platforms in supporting youth in their research and knowledge pursuits by providing avenues for them to disseminate their research findings and ideas. 

“We are dedicated at the Aletihad News Center to strengthening collaboration with research and academic institutions to enhance students’ and young researchers’ intellectual awareness, and to actively engage with their ideas and visions for the future,” he added. 

Boosting ExpertiseDr. Brodeur underlined the numerous benefits for students involved in research and student exchange programmes across diverse countries and cultures. These advantages include gaining insights into various cultures and elevating their educational achievements.

Dr. Brodeur highlighted the positive impact of collaboration between universities and research centres in enhancing the research and intellectual abilities of both students and young researchers.

TRENDS’ Youth Arm 

Researcher Warda Al Menhali, a member of the TRENDS Youth Council, spotlighted the council’s role as the youth branch of TRENDS, dedicated to empowering young individuals in research and knowledge. She outlined the council’s initiatives aimed at raising awareness among young researchers and students about the significance of knowledge and educational exchange. 

Al Menhali also commented on the council’s supervision of a scientific research programme for young researchers, which facilitates the publication of their work in collaboration with universities and research centres. She noted that TRENDS organises an array of international events to empower and broaden the knowledge of young people.

Fostering Research SkillsResearcher Maryam Al Ketbi, also a member of the TRENDS Youth Council, discussed the centre’s efforts in developing the skills of young researchers through specialised training programmes conducted by experts and researchers. 

Diverse ExperiencesHazza Bu Hazza and Rashid Al Hosani, UAE students at the Sorbonne University, explained that research and student exchange programmes are critical to improving the skills of young researchers and providing them with diverse research experiences. They shared their own experiences at the Sorbonne University and other academic institutions, and paid tribute to TRENDS’ tireless efforts to develop and hone the skills of young researchers.

Intellectual HubThe TRENDS’ pavilion at the Paris International Book Fair 2024 witnessed many attendees eager to explore its publications, with many lauding its diversity and relevance to current events. Some visitors were particularly interested in TRENDS’ encyclopedia on the Muslim Brotherhood, hailing its role in challenging and debunking the group’s ideologies.

Notable visitors to the pavilion, including Christos Dimas, Member of Parliament and Deputy Minister of Culture, and historian Sissi Papathanasiou, Director of the Department of Literature at the Greek Ministry of Culture, commended the quality and variety of the titles showcased.

A substantial number of researchers, writers, and officials from various participating pavilions also sought information about TRENDS and its initiatives.

Forging Research PartnershipsAs part of its endeavours to expand its global presence and establish strategic research partnerships, TRENDS Research & Advisory team, engaged with Canada’s Quebec Pavilion during the book fair, as the event’s guest of honour. Similar interactions took place at the Pavilion of the Romanian Cultural Institute, where the team met with its director, Doina Marian, to explore opportunities for collaboration in research and knowledge exchange.

Media Engagement

TRENDS’ pavilion attracted significant media attention, including social media influencers who spotlighted the pavilion across several platforms. They spoke about its unique status as the sole Arab pavilion at the exhibition, championing its global research vision that serves as a bridge between the East, the Middle East, and the West. These influencers offered analyses of various publications showcased at the pavilion, highlighting their depth and balanced, well-documented approach to events. 

The Media Communications Department at TRENDS plays a major role in disseminating information to journalists and celebrities, ensuring the public stays informed about the activities at the pavilion in Paris and other associated events. Additionally, three episodes of the “TRENDS Podcast” were recorded in Paris, chronicling the French European tour and TRENDS’ participation in the exhibition through interviews with notable figures covering a range of topics.

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