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4th International Translation Conference to take place in Abu Dhabi

4th International Translation Conference to take place in Abu Dhabi
14 Apr 2024 13:20


The National Library and Archives will host the fourth edition of the International Translation Conference at its headquarters in Abu Dhabi from 17 - 18 April 2024. Held under the theme Pushing New Boundaries: Translation and Building Knowledge Societies, the conference will discuss more than 35 research papers.

His Excellency Abdullah Majed Al Ali, the Director-General of the National Library and Archives, said: "We are pleased to announce the completion of the necessary preparations for the Fourth International Translation Conference, which attracts intellectual elites in the UAE and abroad, as they will be able to acquaint themselves with a variety of new research papers and innovative ideas that represent a significant addition in the field of translation in several languages. The convening of this conference will add to the tangible benefits achieved in the previous three conferences in which many experts from around the world presented research papers, which now become important references for translators and scholars in the field of translation."


His Excellency called upon all those interested in translation sciences to follow the conference's informative activities. The conference sessions will revolve around the following axes: Translation of Historical Archives, including British, Portuguese, and Indian; the role of translation in dictionary building; translation of travel literature; machine translation; enriching scientific and medical libraries post-Covid-19; translation of Arab and Islamic heritage in Europe before the Renaissance; issues of literary translation: Gulf literature as a model; translation of global literature into Arabic: Nobel Prize as a model; challenges of simultaneous translation; translators’ pitfalls; translation for People of Determination in the era of artificial intelligence; as well as the role of the UAE National Library and Archives in supporting the contemporary translation movement.

Hamad Al Humairi, Director of Research and Knowledge Services Department at the National Library and Archives, said: "Translation is important in the dialogue of civilisations and communication among the peoples of the world, therefore we put a lot of interest in this translation conference, especially since we live in the age of open spaces."

"As translation has played a major role in nation-building and knowledge dissemination, it has become a cultural and scientific necessity that contributes to the development and advancement of nations."

Al Humairi revealed that since the announcement of the conference in June 2023, the organising committee had received more than 150 research papers, of which 35 have been accepted to be presented at the conference sessions. These research papers and 10 more research papers without the presence of their authors will be published in a refereed research book."

The National Library and Archives asserted that the event attracts those interested in translation and related academic disciplines, bringing together a constellation of translation professors from various parts of the world. Delegations participating in this conference are from leading universities in Europe, North America, Asia and Africa, in addition to top researchers in translation studies from Arab and local universities.

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