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MBRF provides copies of ‘Alghani Azzahir’ Dictionary to Emirates Schools Establishment in conjunction with UAE Reading Month

MBRF provides copies of ‘Alghani Azzahir’ Dictionary to Emirates Schools Establishment in conjunction with UAE Reading Month
3 Apr 2024 16:22


The Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Knowledge Foundation (MBRF) provided copies of the ‘Alghani Azzahir’ Dictionary to the Emirates Schools Establishment (ESE) for distribution at schools, in accordance with the UAE’s Reading Month.

Under the guidance of the CEO of the MBRF, His Excellency Jamal bin Huwaireb, Dr. Abdelghani Ahmed Abou el Aazm authored the dictionary, which adds substantial value to the Arabic knowledge repository by broadening its vocabulary and expanding its linguistic significance. 

This initiative is a result of the MBRF’s commitment to bolstering the strong knowledge foundation of the Arabic language, broadening readers’ perspectives, and improving their vocabulary and understanding of its nuances.

Another goal os to support initiatives aimed at building a community that is proficient in the Arabic language and its grammar.

As a result, this dictionary includes terms that are frequently used and widely accepted, including common, loanwords, and coined terms, to reach Arabic language readers in different countries.

The dictionary stands out for its comprehensive coverage of both ancient and contemporary Arabic vocabulary.

The dictionary incorporates vocabulary from literature and journalism, offering interpretations and implications in both literal and figurative contexts.

The dictionary also incorporates various formulas, structures, and numerous literary references from the Holy Qur'an, the Prophet's hadiths, and several poetry collections. 

It also features literary contributions from ancient and modern writers and authors from across the Arab world.

Moreover, the dictionary features Arabic collocations, proverbs, Arabized words, and several other terms, along with their origins written in Latin.

Additionally, it sheds light on religious, cultural, scientific, and technical terms, as well as several illustrations of plants, animals, geographical maps, and artistic paintings, among others. In essence, the dictionary is a valuable linguistic resource for university students, professors, scholars, and writers.  

Bin Huwaireb said, “The ‘Alghani Azzahir Dictionary’ is a remarkable addition to the Arabic literary collection. Prominent Arab linguists have achieved linguistic excellence in this well-crafted work, which is skillfully formulated in an innovative and distinctive style. Enhancing linguistic knowledge is given priority in the dictionary, something that is often missing from modern Arabic dictionaries. Unlike previous dictionaries, the dictionary approaches words in a novel way, using a methodology that organizes entries by pronunciation, making it easier for scholars to locate desired words according to their pronunciation rather than their origin. With this, the dictionary stands out as a valuable resource for researchers, academics, and the general public.” 

Bin Huwaireb riterated that books are the foundation of knowledge and a vital tool in building a generation that recognises the uniqueness and richness of the Arabic language.

He also underscored the MBRF’s dedication to enhancing knowledge in diverse fields. 

The impact of the new dictionary on the development of the Arabic language and its vocabulary is evident in the cognitive community.

It also facilitates extensive research and studies by acting as a comprehensive tool, improving Arabs’ understanding of their language, heritage, and linguistic expression, while also contributing to the development of cognitive identity and linguistic awareness.

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