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Early Childhood Development Fair launches at Umm Al Emarat Park

Early Childhood Development Fair launches at Umm Al Emarat Park
23 Nov 2023 20:04




The Abu Dhabi Early Childhood Development Fair launched today at Umm Al Emarat Park under the title, "Learning through play… Development through learning", which runs until 25th November from 10:00 to 22:00.


The fair aims to provide parents and caregivers with the necessary tools, skills and resources to develop children's abilities from birth to eight years old through various workshops, sessions and other activities in an innovative and interactive educational environment. The event also aims to promote Abu Dhabi as one of the best cities to attract investments in early childhood development and out-of-school services and activities.



The fair, which is the largest of its kind in the country, includes a wide range of activities, experiences and innovative events, featuring more than 40 workshops, 21 theatre performances and 10 interactive talks covering a range of topics related to health and nutrition, child safety, early childcare and education, and most importantly, family support for all children, including children of determination. The first day also included several public and private schools visiting the fair to engage students with the fair’s special events.


Sana Mohamed Suhail, Director-General of the Abu Dhabi Early Childhood Authority (ECA), said, “We are extremely happy with the great turnout that the exhibition witnessed on its first day and keen to ensure positive engagement and cooperation among all partners to support early childhood development. Our aim is to enable parents and caregivers to acquire the tools and skills necessary to enhance their role in developing children's skills and abilities by participating in the many fun, educational and interactive activities included in the fair. We are facilitating the opportunity to learn more about the leading providers of extracurricular educational and recreational programmes, services and activities and to discover the great array of services offered by the emirate of Abu Dhabi in this area.”



Dr Bushra Al Mulla, Director General of the Family Care Authority (FCA), stated, “Today marks a significant milestone for the Family Care Authority as we proudly participate in the launch of the Abu Dhabi Early Childhood Development Exhibition. We are delighted to join hands with esteemed partners across the social sector, recognising the profound importance of cross-collaboration. The exhibition provides FCA with a platform, ensuring direct communication with every family, their children, and all members of Abu Dhabi's diverse communities while raising awareness about it. Through our participation, we strive to meet the unique requirements of each individual, fostering a supportive environment where every child and family can thrive. This exhibition is a testament to our collective dedication to the well-being of our communities, and we look forward to the positive impact that will resonate across Abu Dhabi."


Sarah Shuhail, Director-General of the Abu Dhabi Center for Shelter and Humanitarian Care - Ewaa, affiliated with the Department of Community Development, said, “We are honoured by the strategic partnership with the Abu Dhabi Early Childhood Authority in launching the Early Childhood Development Fair. It will include many inspiring activities that can enhance childhood development and provide an opportunity to support cohesion among family members. The Fair plays a pivotal role in promoting the optimal socialisation of children starting from early childhood and supporting the child's development in various mental and physical aspects, thus contributing strongly to achieving the goals of the social sector in Abu Dhabi."


The fair includes several linguistic, artistic and cultural activities, including manual work stations, a workshop to familiarise children with Emirati heritage where they can try on the Emirati traditional dress and learn about its details, as well as henna painting and the storytelling station, where authors are invited to tell their stories to children and take them on a journey of imagination and creativity.


Also included in the cultural activities of the fair are the Arabic Calligraphy Workshop and the Islamic motifs station, which provide an opportunity to learn how to build patterns of decorations, as well as the heritage music station, which introduces children to traditional Emirati music and various musical instruments, alongside the heritage handicrafts station, which provides children with the opportunity to learn the knitting of traditional Bedouin fabric and Al Ayyala Dance station, where participants will enjoy learning UAE heritage dances with the help of specialists in teaching the arts.


In addition to rich cultural, artistic and scientific experiences, the fair includes various sporting activities, including obstacle activity, a jumping challenge, climbing, and many other fitness games.

Source: WAM
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