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Zayed Higher Organisation to establish workshop for producing hearing solutions

Zayed Higher Organisation to establish workshop for producing hearing solutions
5 July 2024 12:39


Zayed Higher Organisation for People of Determination (ZHO) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Topland People of Determination Equipment, representing "We Hear Innovations Private Limited" to establish a workshop to produce high-quality hearing solutions, including various types of medical ear devices and their charging devices, for People of Determination with hearing impairments.

These products will bear the "Bee" brand, a distinctive mark for products for People of Determination. They will carry the label "Made in the United Arab Emirates by Zayed Higher Organisation".

The MoU was signed by Abdullah Al Humaidan, ZHO Secretary-General, and Andy Faulkner, CEO of Topland, at the organisation's production centre for People of Determination in the Bahia area of Abu Dhabi. Several officials from both sides attended the ceremony.

Under the terms of the MoU, both sides commit to collaborating to develop a market for hearing solutions manufactured by the organisation and adding new products to the manufacturing line. The organisation will equip the manufacturing unit and produce the products under the guidance of Topland, which will provide the necessary raw materials.

Both parties will also collaborate on marketing ideas to expand business in the region. Topland will assist the organisation in acquiring suitable machinery for manufacturing solutions to achieve annual sales exceeding 10,000 units in the first year.

Al Humaidan stated that the organisation aims to keep pace with modern technological advancements through this workshop, enhancing the skills and capabilities of People of Determination to a level that allows them to work and produce in various fields that meet the local and global market demands.

He emphasised that enhancing the employment and integration of People of Determination in various fields is essential for building inclusive communities. The organisation is implementing strategies to place them in jobs across multiple sectors, create job opportunities and integrate them into the labour market.

Faulkner said that this agreement will create more job opportunities for People of Determination in the industrial sector by producing affordable assistive products.

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