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'Bridges of Hope' programme launches second phase to rehabilitate 60 people of determination centres in Egypt

'Bridges of Hope' programme launches second phase to rehabilitate 60 people of determination centres in Egypt
13 May 2024 14:54


Zayed Higher Organisation for People of Determination (ZHO) and the Egyptian Ministry of Youth and Sports, have commenced efforts to rehabilitate and develop 60 centres for people of determination affiliated with the ministry, as part of the second phase of the "Bridges of Hope" programme, sponsored by ADQ. This includes providing internet services to these centres, as well as internet services to 68 centres.

The initiative is part of the cooperation protocol signed last November between the ministry and ZHO, which involves creating and funding a medical caravan that travels across several provinces in Egypt to provide urgent medical care to people of determination and their families.

ZHO announced the implementation of nine medical awareness caravans as part of a series of medical caravans across several provinces.

These caravans include 12 diverse medical specialities and are part of the cooperation agreement between the organisation and the ministry aimed at raising awareness among families of people of determination in some rural areas of Egypt.

These medical and awareness caravans aim to facilitate access for the elderly, children, and people of determination to medical services, allowing them to receive treatment and free necessary care. Additionally, they provide psychological support and counselling.

The medical caravans include highly professional doctors specialising in family counselling and special education, covering specialities such as paediatrics, dentistry, ophthalmology, surgery, ENT, internal medicine, dermatology, obstetrics and gynaecology, urology, orthopaedics, and nutrition.

They also feature a pharmacy for dispensing provided medications and a laboratory for necessary medical tests.

Three medical caravans were launched in the Fayoum Governorate, providing support to the villages most in need. A total of 3,655 individuals benefited from the services, including 597 children and 3,058 men and women of various ages.

In the village of Al-Amiriya, 1,398 individuals were served, including 127 children and 1,329 of various ages, with 1,374 prescriptions dispensed from the pharmacy. In the village of Al-Azb, medical examinations were conducted on 1,559 individuals, including 230 children and 1,329 men and women, with medications dispensed for 920 cases. In the village of Tabhar, medical examinations were conducted on 2,096 individuals, including 75 children and 2,021 men and women, with medications dispensed for 1,223 prescriptions.

In the Assiut Governorate, six medical caravans were implemented, with participation from Resala Association and the local youth campaign. A total of 25,043 individuals benefited from the services, including 965 children, and 24,078 men and women of various ages. In the youth centres of Assiut Centre, the initiative provided services to 6,049 cases at Derinka Youth Centre, including 149 children; 4,710 cases at Qarqas Youth Centre, including 233 children; 3,441 cases at Mansoura Youth Centre in Abnoub Centre, including 105 children; 3,597 cases at Ma'abda Youth Centre, including 163 children; 2,896 cases at Qasr El-Ma'arna Youth Centre in Qusiya Centre, including 150 children; and 4,350 cases at Manshiyet El-Saghra Youth Centre, including 165 children.

ZHO, in cooperation with a local partner in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, oversaw the sponsorship of the programme. ADQ undertook the sponsorship and financing of the programme's second phase, which involves equipping various facilities, centres, and sports clubs to make these facilities accessible and user-friendly for people of determination in some rural areas of the Republic of Egypt.

During the first phase, the programme successfully developed 68 speech therapy centres in Egyptian villages within a record time of one and a half years, initially planned to be completed in three years, benefiting 16,898 people of determination through 480,976 speech therapy sessions across 68 centres in 27 provinces.

The ZHO and ADQ Bridges of Hope programme aims to develop 60 centres in several Egyptian villages, providing integrated services to support and empower people of determination from different backgrounds and skill-sets.

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