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Critical Care Conference in UAE unveils resuscitation device with 20-meter range

Critical Care Conference in UAE unveils resuscitation device with 20-meter range
12 May 2024 08:19


The 20th Emirates Critical Care Conference, held in Dubai, showcased cutting-edge advancements in medicine. These include a remotely controlled cardiac resuscitation device with a 20-meter range. This innovation aims to minimise the risk of exposure to infectious diseases for medical personnel during resuscitation procedures.

There is also a new dual anti-inflammatory drug designed to treat severe conditions like sepsis.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Hussain Nasser Al Rahma, Founding Chairperson of the conference (ECCC-Dubai), Founding president of Emirates Intensive Care Society (EICS), President International Pan-Arab Critical Care Medicine Society (IPACCMS), said that the cardiopulmonary resuscitation device highlightes the latest advancement in cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) technology. This new device, he said, combines CPR with remote cardiac catheterisation.

Dr. Hussein Al Rahma noted that 90 per cent of hospital care departments nationwide are utilising modern technologies like artificial intelligence. This has led to a significant improvement, with critical care patients experiencing recovery rates exceeding 90 per cent.

These technologies, he added, have demonstrably reduced patient stays in critical care units and accelerated post-operative recovery.

“Smart devices can now alert nurses or doctors when a patient's vitals reach a stable state, allowing for the safe removal of oxygen support.”

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