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Eight strategies to unlock your career success - unveiling the power of value and visibility

Dr. Hayfaa Mohammed
18 Oct 2023 09:25

Dr. Hayfa Mohamed

Two decades ago, I embarked on my career journey with the belief that hard work and exceptional results were the sole pathways to success. Back then, organisations were less complex, and professional connections flowed naturally.

Competent and dedicated employees easily stood out, and those who possessed the vision and courage to seize opportunities often found themselves ascending to executive positions. Fast forward to today, the workplace landscape has transformed dramatically.

Organisations are now dynamic and complex entities where change is the only constant. In this era, it’s not just about being valuable by doing more with less; it’s also about being visible and making your presence known within your organisation and industry in ways that propel your career forward.

In today’s fiercely competitive business environment, value and visibility have become the cornerstones of long-term success.

Here are some strategies to do so:
1. Define Your Career Goals
Having clear career objectives and understanding your professional aspirations is crucial. Review these goals regularly as they may evolve over time.

2. Reflect and Plan
Determine what it takes to bridge the gap between your current position and your goals. Identify the skills and experiences you need to acquire.

3. Know Your Value Proposition
What are you known for and what are your key strengths? Seek honest feedback about your work.

4. Seek Out High-Profile Projects
Take the initiative to get involved in challenging and impactful projects. Push yourself beyond your comfort zone to gain experience and exposure.

5. Communicate Your Value
Make sure your colleagues and supervisors are aware of your contributions.

6. Build a Network
Establish meaningful connections with colleagues, mentors, and decision-makers who can impact your career. Networking is an invaluable tool for increasing visibility and value.

7. Engage Beyond Your Role
Participate in company and community activities, volunteer, and attend events that can expand your network.

8. Invest in Learning
Attend training events and seminars within your organisation to enhance your knowledge and visibility.

In today’s competitive landscape, hard work alone isn’t enough to propel your career forward. Success hinges on your ability to amplify your value and increase your visibility. However, to position yourself for long-term success, it’s vital to approach these strategies with wisdom and discernment. Remember, it’s not just about working hard; it’s also about working smart and making sure your contributions are seen and celebrated while staying true to your professional integrity.

The writer is a mental health activist 

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