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Sharjah Ruler lays foundation for 2 complexes in Mahdub

Sharjah Ruler lays foundation for 2 complexes in Mahdub
8 May 2024 18:29


H.H. Dr. Sheikh Sultan bin Muhammad Al Qasimi, Supreme Council Member and Ruler of Sharjah, Wednesday laid the foundation for Al Qutainah 3 and Al Shanouf 4 residential complexes located in the Mahdub suburb in Sharjah.

He also approved the list of the 362 families, beneficiaries of Al Qutainah 1 residential complex.

After laying the foundation, Sheikh Sultan was briefed on the lands and spaces allocated for the projects. He reviewed the plans for the residential complexes in Mahdub suburb and the 1,344 plots of land for the complexes, in addition to the number of residents benefiting from these residential complexes, which is expected to reach 9,408 people, in Al Qutainah Complex 1, Al Qutainah Complex 3, and Al Shanouf Complex 4.

He listened to a detailed explanation about the residential complexes that comprise three types of facades including Islamic, local and modern character. The total area of one two-story housing unit is 328 square metres and 186 square metres for a ground-floor housing unit. The complexes provide two models of housing units (ground floor only) with 3 rooms. (Ground floor + First Floor) with 4 rooms, with a project implementation period of 24 months.

The Ruler of Sharjah reviewed the plans and distributions of Al Shanouf 4 Complex, which is located on a total area of 765 thousand square metres, and is expected to accommodate 3,759 people, and includes 549 housing units, including 28 housing units (ground floor only), and 521 housing units (ground floor + first floor). His Highness reviewed a map of Al Qutainah 3 complex project, which will house approximately 2,480 people and is located on a total area of 837 thousand square metres, and includes 429 housing units, 22 housing units (ground floor only) and 407 housing units (ground floor + first floor).

Sheikh Sultan visited Al Qutainah 1 project, which includes 362 housing units, 18 housing units (ground floor only), and 344 housing units (ground floor + first floor), with a total area of 528 thousand square metres.

He toured the housing unit that was constructed as a model that will be constructed in the three residential projects.

He was briefed on the sections of the house, which include a living room, a guest lounge, a dining room, master bedrooms, a kitchen, a maid’s room, and bathrooms.

The Ruler of Sharjah watched a video that covered the work of land surveying for residential projects in the Mahdub suburb, their specifications and designs, which took into account the privacy of the Emirati family, in addition to exploiting the available spaces in a way that suits the requirements of citizens. The residential projects also include diverse facilities such as mosques, a Ghaf tree reserve, and a nursery.

Sheikh Sultan pressed the button to approve the list of beneficiaries of Al Qutainah 1 residential complex in Mahdub suburb, and immediately after his approval, those entitled to housing in the complex received notification text messages indicating that they had received housing support in the complex.

Source: WAM
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