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Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi saves 90-year-old patient’s life with innovative endoscopic gallbladder procedure

Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi saves 90-year-old patient’s life with innovative endoscopic gallbladder procedure
8 May 2024 08:58

Abu Dhabi (ALETIHAD)

Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi (CCAD), part of the M42 group, has marked a new milestone in treating acute cholecystitis in a 90-year-old patient with comorbidities using an advanced lumen-apposing metal stent (LAMS) technology for gallbladder drainage. This innovative adaptation of the procedure, originally designed for pancreatic fluid collection, reflects the hospital’s capabilities and agility in adopting the latest technologies and procedures to achieve optimal patient outcomes.

The gallbladder drainage procedures using LAMS was the only viable solution for this patient who could not undergo traditional surgery due to age and complex health conditions, including cardiac issues. The successful minimally invasive procedure effectively relieved inflammation while minimising risks and reducing recovery time, thereby improving the patient’s overall quality of life.

Dr. Aydamir Alrakawi, Staff Physician of Gastroenterology in the Digestive Disease Institute at Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi, elaborated on the procedure, stating: “After careful consideration, we were able to deduce that adapting the LAMS procedure for gallbladder drainage, and applying the same proven concepts to this organ, can be a successful solution for treating acute cholecystitis patients. We are able to provide this treatment solution to the people in the UAE and wider region with the help of Cleveland Clinic in the US, where the technique has been successfully used on several patients.

“This innovation further highlights Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi’s focus on patient-centric services and specialised expertise to help manage complex medical cases. By leveraging a multidisciplinary approach and team of skilled clinicians, the hospital provides personalised solutions for individuals whose conditions make them unsuitable candidates for conventional surgical interventions.”

Gallbladder ailments, such as acute cholecystitis, are common and often result in severe discomfort. The conventional treatment approach involves a surgical intervention called percutaneous gallbladder drainage, which involves the insertion of an external tube into the gallbladder through the skin. This method can cause significant discomfort and result in potential complications. A significant portion of patients can be deemed ineligible for this surgery due to limitations related to age or underlying health issues.

In this innovative adaptation of the LAMS-enabled procedure, the gallbladder is first identified with the help of an ultrasound. A needle loaded with a stent is then used to puncture the wall of the intestine and gallbladder, and the stent is deployed to bridge the lumens of the gut and the gallbladder. The procedure, which typically takes 30 minutes, facilitates internal drainage of the gallbladder directly into the intestine or stomach through minimally invasive endoscopy. In contrast to conventional techniques, this approach eradicates the necessity for external tubes, leading to enhanced comfort and convenience for the patients. While uncommon, some patients may require a follow-up procedure if the stent moves from the original placement position, or if it gets blocked over time.

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