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Sharjah Public Library provides countless opportunities for young imaginations to take flight at SCRF 2024

Sharjah Public Library provides countless opportunities for young imaginations to take flight at SCRF 2024
5 May 2024 23:18


The Sharjah Public Library (SPL) pavilion at the ongoing 15th edition of Sharjah Children's Reading Festival (SCRF) emerged as a beehive of activity, educating and entertaining children of all ages as well as their parents with its comprehensive agenda designed to foster critical thinking and unveil the intricate wonders of the universe.

Cyber Safety Awareness and Exploration of Silent Books
The 'Silent Book' workshop uniquely opens the doors of imagination through drawings and images narrating the story, allowing children to interpret it in their style without needing written words.

As for the 'Digital Awareness' workshop, it steers children towards conscious and responsible video gaming.

By utilising a short film presentation and hands-on workshops, children learn to navigate the internet safely, emphasising the importance of caution when interacting with strangers online.

Creative Writing Workshops
The 'Creative Writing Stations' workshop takes children on a journey through five practical stations: I Read, I Observe, I Think, I Plan, and I Design. At each station, children learn how to read and discuss stories.

Kids then apply what they learned in hands-on workshops to develop their creative skills further.

Superhero Designing and Beeswax Making
There is a Superhero workshop offering an exciting adventure for children who dream of a world filled with superheroes where they learn to create their unique superhero characters through vibrant comic stories.

The 'Bee Waxing' workshop encourages children to delve into the wonderful world of bees, learning about the properties and benefits of beeswax, drawing lessons in perfection and creativity, and developing their fine motor skills while also exploring the cultural and historical significance of beeswax across various global cultures.

Strengthening Family Bonds
Among the workshops that strengthen family ties is the 'Creative Personality Lab,' which is an interactive experience that helps children understand their responsibilities towards themselves, their families, and their nation.

The workshop stimulates creativity and inspiration through thought-provoking questions that reflect their personalities.

As for the 'Family Tunes' workshop, it invites families to participate in collaborative art projects that strengthen their bonds through shared creativity.

The 'Artistic Tale' workshop offers participants a chance to learn the theoretical and technical basics of the Oud, an ancient musical instrument, while the 'From the Heart of the Desert' workshop explores sustainability and the heritage of Sheikh Zayed through an engaging journey.

The 'Embroidery and Folklore' workshop also showcases the aesthetics of Palestinian dress and the art of embroidery. 'A Story with Saif Al-Muslimani' gives children the opportunity to hear inspiring stories narrated by the young Saif Al-Muslimani.

Furthermore, the 'Book Restoration' workshop teaches participants how to renew and repair old books, emphasising the importance of recycling and resource conservation.

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